Collaboration between professor and assistant of the department Communication Sciences and Ghent University has been ended

(14-04-2020) Ghent University was informed on Saturday 11 April of a live stream that testified to the unacceptable behaviour of a professor and an assistant who were active in the Communication Sciences department.

With immediate effect, Rector of Ghent University Rik Van de Walle imposed a disciplinary measure on both teachers, as a precaution and pending thorough investigation.

The disciplinary measure meant that both lecturers could no longer carry out teaching or educational activities for Ghent University. Nor were they allowed to maintain any contact with UGent students. In the meantime, the collaboration between the two parties involved and Ghent University has been definitively terminated.

“This weekend I took note of the images in which two lecturers from Ghent University constantly go beyond the limit of the permissible. I take offense at these facts and condemn them with the utmost force. The behaviour of both is irreconcilable with Ghent University's pedagogical and social mission, an assignment that we all take very seriously every day. It was immediately obvious that the lecturers involved could no longer have contact with UGent students with immediate effect. They subsequently resigned from their duties. I naturally accepted their resignation. With a view to the future, I hope that they will learn the necessary lessons from this incident. In view of the course they had run so far at UGent, I believe they are capable of this and wish them success in their further careers.
At a time when the people of Ghent University, with united forces and in very difficult circumstances, ensure that students can take digital lessons, a time in which special effort is required from staff and students, a time in which what was customary on an unprecedented scale and with unprecedented speed should make way for new and creative solutions, a time when we all ensure that Ghent University keeps going and stands there: in such a time, such misconduct is unacceptable. This is not what our university stands for. This is not who we are. I especially wish to emphasize the latter. I am proud of the way our teachers and students have travelled together in the past month. I am also confident that together we will reach the digital finish of our trip.” Rector Rik Van de Walle

The Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of Ghent University is now working on the appointment of a replacement. The students involved are also kept informed via the education platform Ufora.