About us

imec-mict-UGent is a research group at the department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University, and part of the digital research institute imec.

Our mission

The research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies (mict or imec-mict-UGent) is at the forefront of user-centric research into digital media and communication technology. The centre draws on its interdisciplinary expertise in social sciences to understand and contextualise transforming digital media and technology users.

mict is affiliated with the Department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University as well as innovation hub imec. The research group is based in De Krook, the epicenter of digital media innovation in Flanders. The architectural hotspot is a bustling meeting place between science, digital technology, entrepreneurship, media, culture and arts.

Aims and objectives

Against the backdrop of digital media and technology provoking social, cultural and economic transformations, mict conducts interdisciplinary research to tackle the societal challenges that these transformations bring about, educates future media and innovation professionals how to critically analyse and deal with the implications of digital disruption, and supports public and private stakeholders with adequately responding to the challenges of digital transformation.

We therefore:

  1. Conduct interdisciplinary research in social sciences to understand the social and economic challenges of digital media and technology;
  2. Collaborate with public and private stakeholders to undertake applied projects that help to resolve complex innovation problems;
  3. Provide an inspiring training and education program in new media, society and innovation for students as well as visiting and doctoral students


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