mict in the media

On this page we want to give an overview of our research/researchers that appeared in the media.

To keep things clear media contributions of our researchers are clustered by year. 

Most articles are in Dutch.



Many newspaper have a political agenda (De Morgen, September 4)


The fragmentation of the TV landscape (De Morgen, August 28)

Sport on tv has become a payment product (VRT NWS, August 20)

Children spend a lot of time playing online games (De Standaard, August 16)

Facebook promotes 'reliable news' (De Standaard, August 10)

Facebook and Instagram will send you warnings about your social media use (De Standaard, August 2)

Smartphone use in schools (Gazet van Antwerpen, August 1)


Super fast internet for everyone in Flanders by 2020 (De Morgen, July 24)

How to raise children with technology? (De Standaard, July 19)

The Netflix engine sputters (De Morgen, July 18)


The race between media companies, entertainment players, technology giants and internet providers (De Morgen, June 22)

Is there transparency about the online practices of political parties? (De Morgen, June 8)

Speculations about the effect of technology on people (De Morgen, June 7)

Apple takes measure against a smartphone addiction (De Morgen, June 5)

Netflix and Amazon need to invest in Flemish fiction according to a new regulation of the commission media in the Flemish Parlement (De Morgen, June 1)

Glen Joris about the price of privacy (De Standaard, June 1)


The value of Netflix as a media company is higher than the one of Walt Disney on the stock markets for the first time in history (Various, May 25)

The appearance on social media (21bis, May 24)

Opinion by Bart Vanhaelewyn: Not everything is Facebook's fault (De Standaard, May 24)

The screen use of children (Knack, May 23)

Apestaartjaren conference (Various, May 17)

The success of the 1000km against cancer (Het Belang van Limburg, May 16)

Measures against a smartphone addiction (De Morgen, May 9)

Prof. dr. Tom Evens about his book - Platform Power and Policy in Transforming Television Markets (De Morgen, May 9)

Rising phenomenons: cord-cutting and cord-shaving (Radio1, May 7)

Filming an accident with your smartphone (De Morgen, May 3)

Facebook will launch a dating platform (Het Laatste Nieuws, May 2-3)

Website launched to counter Fake News (Various, May 2)

New interfaces for better healthcare technology (Zorg & Techniek, April, May, June)


Old school text messages don't profit anymore (Het Laatste Nieuws, April, 23)

Bart Vanhaelewyn about the future of radio and streaming (Urgent.fm, April 14)

Youtube: a children's paradise (De Morgen, April 14)

Opinion by Ralf De Wolf: the comeback of privacy ( De Standaard, April 13)

WhatsApp: the popular messaging app (De Morgen, April 7)

New type of boredom: randomly checking your smartphone (Various, April 6)


Promoting news diversity (De Tijd, March 23)

Smartphone use of 50-year-olds increased (Knack, March 22)

UGent campaign 'Durf Denken' (Various, March 21)

The digital murge of Humo and De Morgen (Apache, March 14)

De Krook year 001 - Throwback (Het Laatste Nieuws, March 12)

New strategy for Telenet (Various, March 8)

The development of a smartphone addiction (De Standaard, March 3)


The abundance of series (De Morgen, February 23)

Few schools ban smartphones (Various, February 17)

Factchecker: Ten years is the average age on which children get their first phone (Knack, February 14)

People want less bits and bytes (De Morgen, February 13)

Unilever wants to withdraw ads from Facebook (De Morgen, February 13)

Fake video (Het Nieuwsblad, February 10)

Children with smartphones (Knack, February 7)


Launch Mobile DNA-app | Kop Op campaign (Various, Various)

Two sides of social media (Various, January 31)

Digimeter results and smartphone use (Various, January 23-24-25)

Opinion: The Flemish media environment by Prof. Van den Bulck, Prof. Evens and Prof. Donders (De Redactie, January 20)

Roularta buys lifestyle magazines (Various, January 16-17)

Facebook wants to be popular again (Various, January 13)

Opinion by Glen Joris: cryptojacking is a new funding model (De Tijd, January 12)

Proximus' network and service interruption (Various, January 10)

Apps are more addictive (VRT, January 10)

Apple's popularity is decreasing (De Morgen, January 8-9)

The smartphone addiction (Flair, January 8)

How to handle the smartphone problem (De Standaard, January 8)

Facebook popular amongst people older than 65 (Various, January 5)

We have never used as many internet as we did in 2017 (VTM, January 4)

Sale of DVD's drops (Various, January 4)

New Years' resolutions: social media detox (De Morgen, January 3)


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