Kraks@dekrook: Digibesitas: Can we still live without smartphone, social media or games?

25-04-2017 from 19:00 to 22:00
De Krook, Platteberg 11, 9000 Gent
Gent – imec – Bibliotheek De Krook
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Op dinsdag 25 april gaat de sessie ‘Kraks @ De Krook’ door, georganiseerd door UGent en imec. Thema: Digibesitas.

How do Flemming use media? Are we getting addicted to technology? When becomes our usage of media such as smartphone, social media and games problematic? Discover your digital profile and get some useful tips in handling technology of today.


19h: Opening doors + discover your digital profile by participating in our digimeter game, organised by imec.livinglabs!

19h30: Talks by experts

  • Kraks @ De Krook: Digibesitas

    Game and internet addiction: Tony Van Rooij is a researcher at mict. Internet and game behaviour are two major subject in his main research field. Soon he will start working at the Trimbos Institute. He will talk about game and internet addiction: how does temptation exactly work? Will this form of escapism become a major issue in the near future? And what are the consequences exactly?
  • Digibesitas? Lieven De Marez (imec-mict-University Ghent) leads the annual Digimeter research where he thoroughly assesses ‘the digitalising Flemming’. One of the major subject which keeps floating up to the surface is “Digibesitas”. A Flemming seems to increasingly struggle with the time he or she wants to spend on consuming technology (read the article: smartphone)
  • Media usage of children and younsters: Dr. Eric Schoentjes is child psychologist and youth psychiatrist at UZ hospital Ghent. He will talk about how to set up a healthy dialogue with children and youth regarding media usage and gaming habits.


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