Kraks@dekrook: Online hatred or just plain freedom of speech?

03-05-2017 from 19:00 to 22:00
De Krook, Platteberg 11, 9000 Gent
UGent – imec – Bibliotheek De Krook
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Op dinsdag 3 mei gaat de sessie ‘Kraks@dekrook’ door, georganiseerd door UGent en imec. Thema: Hate Speech.

Is it ok to share anything online or are we pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable? Discover this evening what the impact of online hate speech may be and what we can do to prevent or react appropriately upon this kind of messages?


19h: Opening doors

19h30: Talks by experts:

  • Hate speech

  • “No hate Flanders”

    Bert Pieters of Mediawijs (NL)  is the leading force behind No Hate Vlaanderen (NL), a campaign against online hate sooeech. Hate speech begin with a vicious circle of discrimination and polarisation. But what does “hate speech” mean? In which forms does it exist? Are some remarks worse than others?

  • Automatic detection of cyberbullying on social media.
    Veronique Hoste is a professor in Language technology at University Ghent and conducts scientific research about automatic detection of negative behaviour on social media. Is cyberbullying recognizable by algorithms, taking into account the different forms in which it occurs? ? How should this be dealt with? What are the characteristics of cyberbullying?

  • Civilized arguing by using rhetoric
    Geert Vandermeersche is a visiting professor at the research group of Culture and Education. In his research, he carries out scientific research on how people interact on social media and where fallacies occur within these interactions.During his talk, he will give useful tips how to track and avoid this kind these kinds of errors by using an ancient discipline.


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