Hack Belgium: Belgium's biggest innovation festival

28-03-2019 09:00 to 30-03-2019 17:00
Tour & Taxis (Havenlaan 86C, 1000 Brussel)
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Hack Belgium gives the opportunity to join Belgium’s biggest innovation festival and apply your research to societal topics in collaboration with business experts, civilians and students.


Ghent University supports Hack Belgium. It's a 3-day event where researchers, citizens, professionals and students sit together to tackle 12 societal topics and come up with innovative solutions. Projects resulting from this, can benefit on the one hand from the support of Hack Belgium and on the other hand from Ghent Design Factory and DO! (Durf Ondernemen).

Researchers Ben Robaeyst and Bas Baccarne present at this event how sensors, smart speakers, a chatbot and a dashboard can help fight loneliness. In addition, they talk about both the process of arriving at such solutions and the outcome: Hello Jenny, an operating system for local heroes. Learn from them how technological innovation can be tackled in the context of elderly care and how technology can bring people together. Maybe you can even help us to complete part of this complex puzzle? More information about the project and the context in which this project was realized can be found here.

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