Kraks@deKrook about Music Consumption: Digital only or a mix of several formats

10-10-2017 from 19:30 to 22:00
De Krook (zaal De Blauwe Vogel)
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Debate on evolutions in music consumption

The way we listen to music has changed dramatically in the last decade. The CD is dead, and we are all hooked on streaming platforms. Spotify and Apple Music have replaced listening to traditional music sources like CD, LP or even radio, especially among young people. The LP is experiencing a revival, but music streaming is nonetheless the main driver for the boom in revenues for the music industries. In short, streaming is a disruptive way of consuming music, and is embraced by both the music fans and the artists.

These assumptions seem obvious, and are frequently echoed in the public opinion. But are those claims valid, or is the truth more complex than that? MICT researcher Bart Vanhaelewyn tests those assumptions during his presentation at Kraks@De Krook against the numbers and figures on this subject. Through tangible use cases, this presentation will show that reality is more nuanced than one presumes.

Kraks @ De Krook: Digitale muziek