Kraks@DeKrook - Unlimited energy use thanks to technology?

24-04-2018 from 19:00 to 21:00
De Blauwe Vogel - De Krook
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We can generate energy in sustainable ways thanks to new inventions. Will we be able to use unlimited energy soon thanks to this new technologies? Find it out at our next Kraks@DeKrook.


Energy from the sea - the power of salt and sweet water

Marjolein Vanoppen (Applied Analytical and Physical Chemistry, UGent)

Our seas are a source of energy, from windmills to using currents and tides to generate electricity. By using membranes, electricity can be generated from salt gradients. By mixing sweet and salt water and controlling the mixture of the two, electricity can be generated sustainably. That electricity can meet 80% of our demand for energy but it can also be a big part of the production of drinking water from sea water. 

Smart energy grids

Matthias Strobbe - IoT Business Development and Smart Grids Research, imec-UGent

A further reduction of our CO2 emissions requires the use of many more renewable energy sources. The production of solar panels or windmills for example is very dependent on factors such as weather, time and season and the shift from fossil fuels to electricity means an extra burden on our existing networks.

Smart energy networks, where communication systems and algorithms ensure optimum control of production and consumption, storage and exchange of energy with other users, regions and countries can, however, ensure that the target to reduce our CO2 emissions to almost 0 by 2050 will still be achieved.

Everything electric? - innovating in 150 year old technology

Jeroen De Maeyer - Business Development Manager, UGent-EnerGhentIC

Smaller and larger electrical machines are everywhere: they make your washing machine spin, they make sure that your heat pump warms up the house, that you can brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush... 150 years ago, the electric machine was at the beginning of the second industrial revolution.

Today we realise newer types, more efficient electric machines that are taking part in the transition to a world based on renewable energy linked to the fourth industrial revolution. For example, innovation creates a larger driving range of hybrid and / or electric vehicles and an increase in the amount of electricity produced by small and large windmills. Does everything become electric?



We are generating more energy through wind farms in the sea. The generated electricity is brought to land through large cables. Normally these cables are buried, but due to circumstances they can be exposed. This is dangerous, because the cables can get damaged. Fortunately, there are Marlinks. Marlinks continuously monitors the condition of these power cables via advanced software applications that verify depth through heat detection. That way, Marlinks reduces possible risks and provides cable operators with more time for maintenance.