Kraks@DeKrook - Privacy and Sharenting: do parents share too much information about their children on social media?

12-12-2017 from 19:00 to 23:00
De Blauwe Vogel, De Krook
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Senior researcher dr. Ralf De Wolf will give a talk about 'the privacy of the other', sharenting behavior of parents and their dilemmas

Nowadays not only young people are active on social media. More and more parents find their way to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Parents are often proud and share a lot of personal information about their children online. But when is too much shared and does the privacy of minors in the behavior? In the next Kraks @DeKrook we delve into the theme of 'sharenting' - which indicates a contraction between '(over) sharing' and 'parenting' - in the context of social media


dr. Ralf De Wolf (imec-mict-UGent)

It is desirable to have control over which personal information reaches who, but the reality is that this control often falls outside their own influence. Other people also place photos and other material online without asking permission. During this lecture, Ralf De Wolf delves deeper into 'the privacy of the other', sharenting behavior of parents and the dilemmas they struggle with when sharing information about their children.

Prof. dr. Eva Lievens (UGent - Law & Technology, Human Rights Center)

Everyone is entitled to privacy. This applies to parents and children. The right to privacy of children towards their parents is not always clear. During this lecture Eva Lievens explains which legal instruments are relevant when parents share information and photos about their children, and what they can mean in practice for parents and children.

Bruno Vanobbergen (Children's Rights Commissioner)

Bruno Vanobbergen, children's rights commissioner, comes from the practice to point out the children's rights perspective on this theme.