Researchers Matthias Van Compernolle and Bas Baccarne on the Smart City Expo World Congress

13-11-2018 09:00 to 15-11-2018 17:00
Smart City Expo Barcelona
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Each year, Barcelona hosts one of the biggest Smart City conferences in the world, showcasing the latest evolutions in Smart City solutions. It is a nexus where industry, academia and (local) governments meet to share insights, strategies, solutions and ecosystems.

From 13 November till 15 November researcher Mathias Van Compernolle will accompany the 13 centre cities of Flanders to the Smart City Expo World Congress. By bringing together technology companies, local and regional governments and academia, the congress aims to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation across the globe. In the slibstream of the conference, the Smart Flanders team organizes on November 12 several sessions in Barcelona in collaboration with Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) and the Knowledge Centre on Flemish Cities. The goal is to foster the knowledge exchange between the Flemish and international cities via presentations of intergovernmental collaborations, governance models and projects.

Researcher Bas Baccarne will be showcasing the City of People project, a collaboration between the city of Ghent, imec and Ghent University. This project focusses on finding innovative solutions for complex urban challenges, which are explored and co-created together with citizens. The pilot project within City of People is Hier-OS. Hier-OS tries to reduce social isolation (focused on elderly citizens), by connecting (potential) lonely individuals to a network of volunteers. This is achieved through a voice-interface for the elderly, combined with sensors that detect possible social isolation, and a chat application that connects to the network volunteers.