Sound of Science - VR demo Spider Phobia and immersive journalism by VR

27-05-2018 from 09:30 to 22:00
Hof Ter Linden - Edegem
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Sound of Science is an open air science festival and the place to be for nerds, geeks and all their (less geeky) friends and family. Think about tents, foodtrucks, music and off course a lot of science. Make sure you visit the VR-room and learn everything about the magic world of Virtual Reality.

Conquer your fear for spiders through VR



Demo by dr. Anissa All, dr. Klaas Bombeke & Jolien De Letter

VR Spider Phobia

Afraid of spiders? Exposure therapy is an effective way to treat your fears, but the therapy is also very time-consuming, expensive and difficult to control. In the context of the imec ICON-project PATRONUS we tested if VR could replace the old school therapy. Put the VR glasses on and feel the spiders crawling on your hands!

Involvement in immersive journalism by VR


Demo by Kristin Van Damme

VR-journalism - What effect has a 360° video?

VRT journalist Jens Franssen and his team went to Syria and filmed a 360° video about a 22-year-old young man who lives on crude oil. We conducted an experimental study to find out if "immersive journalism" rises the involvement of the viewer compared to a classic news video. The same report was shown in 4 different ways: on a laptop (fixed and rotating image) and in VR (cardboard and Oculus).


 More information about the full program (in Dutch)