Exhibition 'My smartphone, my friend?' @ De Krook

© Lectrr (large view)

© Lectrr

(28-01-2019) From March 1 till April 30 @ De Krook. This exhibition investigates our relationship with our smartphone. It is a fascinating, interactive, and sometimes confrontational expo about that 'best friend' in our coat or handbag.

He sits at the table, drives along in the car and he is even in our bed. We see our smartphone more often than our best friends. That is not so surprising: he is always ready for us and needs few words to understand us. Banking, reading the paper, listening to music, maintaining friendships ... we can do it all with our small pocket computer.

Visit De Krook from March 1 till April 30 and discover how we can keep the relationship with our smartphone exciting and healthy: in the expo, a debate evening, an interview and various workshops, ...