RESEARCH - Launch of the 'Kop Op' campaign

(24-01-2018) imec-mict-UGent is responsible for the scientific research connected to this campaign: (1) development of typology and (2) mobileDNA application.

Together with the launch of our annual digimeter, the 'Kop Op' campaign is launched today with the aim of bringing the Flemish people to a conscious and balanced use of their smartphone. This campaign is a collaboration between imec-mict-UGent, PVI - het Veiligheidsinstituut van de Provincie Antwerpen, UAntwerpen - MIOS, Mediawijs and Gezinsbond. 

The digimeter shows that a growing number of Flemish people are struggling with their smartphones and are looking for ways to keep their mobile use under control. The biggest problem here is underestimation: a correct diagnosis is necessary for a correct remedy. Our contribution in the 'Kop Op' campaign is twofold: (1) the preliminary study that led to the five profiles of smartphone use with the accompanying self-test (made representative by imec.digimeter) and (2) the development of the mobile DNA: a mirror of actual smartphone use based on the application mobileDNA.

Learn more about our research (in Dutch)

Do the test (in Dutch)