Apestaartjaren 6.2 with mict talk on EduTab

(30-03-2017) Presentation about the potential of tablets in education on the anual meeting of Mediaraven with mict researcher Sarah Anrijs and Stephanie Van Hove.

Apestaartjaren 6.2At Apenstaartjaren 6.2, Stephanie Van Hove and Sarah Anrijs introduced the most important 'lessons learned' after two years of research on the use of tablets in secundairy education. Based on the EduTablet project, they presented the main pitfalls using educational applications and the potential of tablets in education.

The EduTablet-project (2014-2016) was a cooperation between imec researchers of Ghent University, KULeuven and VUB, together with educational publishers, app-developers and schools to investigate the most convenient way to use tablets in the classroom, and which apps are most appropriate. This research project resulted in three educational application demos and a website that provides answers to frequently asked questions of teachers about tablet use and tips on useful applications (www.deappklas.be).





 View their presentation:


Watch the interview with Stephanie en Sarah by Mediaraven via Facebook live.