PUBLICATION - Special issue Innovation in Living Labs

(31-01-2017) Dimitri Schuurman and Lynn Coorevits published articles in the Special issue Innovation in Living Labs from Technology Innovation Management Review.

The publication is available via Open Access.


From the editorial, co-written by mict researcher Dimitri Schuurman:

"The articles in this special issue can be regarded as supporting evidence, including research positioning living labs against other innovation methods and approaches and studies that shed more light on living labs methodology, toolsets, contexts, and their conceptualizations.

The first article is by Dimitri Schuurman from imec.livinglabs and Ghent University, Belgium, and Piret Tõnurist from Tallinn University, Estonia. They plead for greater interaction and knowledge exchange between different innovation approaches. Being both at the forefront of living labs and innovation labs research
respectively, the authors merge their insights into an overview of antecedents, definitions, and research on both concepts. Based on the analysis, they propose a
collaboration model between living labs and innovation labs in order to foster and facilitate public sector innovation.

In the third article, Lynn Coorevits from Ghent University and An Jacobs from the Free University of Brussels (VUB), both of whom are also from imec.livinglabs in Belgium, dig deeper into one of the key characteristics of living labs: the real-life context. There is surprisingly little research available on how to capture and study this context in living lab projects. Based on a literature review and a case study, the authors generate a practical framework that enables the evaluation of context from the front end of design onwards."