PUBLICATION - Tracing female gamer identity

(27-01-2017) Dr. Lotte Vermeulen, Prof. dr. Sofie Van Bauwel and Prof. dr. Jan Van Looy published a paper on female gamer identity and threat perceptions.

Affiliated mict researcher dr. Lotte Vermeulen, prof. dr. Sofie Van Bauwel and mict professor dr. Jan Van Looy published The paper Tracing Female Gamer Identity. An Empirical Study into Gender and Stereotype Threat Perceptions Computers in Human Behavior in Computers in Human Behavior.


It seems that women stand outside game culture resulting in a low gamer identity profile. A nuanced and detailed examination of how gender identity and threatening experiences tap into their play practices has hitherto been lacking however. The present study fills this gap by examining how female players express a gamer identity and how this relates to perceptions of threat and stigmatization. Based on a large-scale survey directed at female players, a statistical model is specified taking into account how respondents attribute a gamer label to their self-concept. Results suggest that the cognitive, evaluative, and affective dimensions of female identity predict gamer identification in distinct ways. Whereas the mere cognitive process of categorizing as a woman is not related to gamer identity, women who feel closely connected to other women are less inclined to self-identify as gamer. However, group appraisal of womanhood is positively related to identifying as a gamer. When taking into account stigmatization, experienced discrimination by male players seems to discourage women to label themselves as gamer.