Stephanie Van Hove and dr. Anissa All conducted user tests with AR for Van de Velde


Van de Velde, the Belgian luxury lingerie manufacturer, already highly esteems the superior in-store experiences, but aimed at translating this core value to a digital environment. In the Pocket created an augmented reality app, which provides a detailed view of lingerie sets fitted on a personal avatar. The augmented reality technology enables users to place the virtual 3D avatar somewhere in the room. In a partnership with In the Pocket, mict researchers Stephanie Van Hove and dr. Anissa All were responsible for the user testing part of this project. Twenty Dutch women participated in the study that took place in the Lincherie Experience Center in Amsterdam. A little glimpse into the insights of the study:

  • Participants were impressed with the amount of detail of the 3D lingerie models
  • Augmented reality cannot substitute the multisensory experience of in-store lingerie fitting
  • The novelty of space perception in augmented reality demands for supportive features in the application

Van De Velde