Tine Vyvey

Junior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Tine Vyvey


+329 264 68 68     |     @TineVyvey     |     LinkedIn


Experimental research
Effectiveness studies
Digital games, including serious games, advergames
Virtual reality
Quality of experience


Tine Vyvey holds a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences with a specialization in New Media and Society obtained from Ghent University (2015).

After a job as a project manager at the Belgian Game developer Cartamundi Digital, she joined imec-mict as a full-time researcher in January 2016. Her main project is HD²R. High dynamic range (HDR) as a visualization technology reproduces images with both very dark and bright areas in realistic detail. To that end, she is carrying out pioneering experiments to achieve the optimal and reliable visual quality, conversion, and color correction of HDR images in the cinema and in the living room. For this project, she is working together with different partners such as VRT, Grass Valey, Limecraft, Grid, and Barco.

Other research interests are the use of new technologies to motivate people and increase their cognitive abilities and the use of games as an advertising tool. For her paper ‘Loaded with fun’, she conducted an experiment to analyze the effects of enjoyment and cognitive load on how people process brands embedded in digital games.