Prof. dr. Sarah Van Leuven

Professor at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Sarah Van Leuven 2


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News sourcing
Content analysis
Digital journalism
Politics and media
Public sphere


Sarah Van Leuven is an assistant professor at the department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University, head of the Center for Journalism Studies (CJS), a member of Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies (mict), and head of the Journalism Division of the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA). She teaches the courses ‘Print Media’ (Ba2), ‘Contemporary Aspects of Journalism’ (Ma), and ‘Politics and Media’ (Ma).

In 2013, she has finished a PhD on the public sphere and sourcing practices in international news coverage. She has published work on a broad range of topics including sourcing practices of journalists, international news coverage, journalist surveys (focusing on work conditions, role perceptions, etc.), the changing news ecology, and innovation in journalistic practices and news organizations. Her work has been published in several SCCI-indexed academic journals (such as Journalism Practice, Journalism Studies, Journalism, New Media & Society, The International Journal of Press/Politics) and books (such as ‘The Routledge Companion in Digital Journalism’, 2016).