Bas Baccarne

Research and teaching assistant at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, UGent.

Bas Baccarne     |     +329 264 91 83

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Smart cities
Urban innovation
(Urban) Living labs
Urban commons & sharing economy
Online civic engagement


Bas Baccarne graduated in 2012 as a Master in New Media & Society (Ghent University) with a thesis on crowdsourcing in Smart Cities. Intrigued by participatory design, urban innovation and (the shaping of) civic technology, and fuelled by an internship at the City of Ghent e-strategy department, Bas became part of the living lab research team at imec-mict-UGent. Here, he worked as a user researcher for several SME and start-up cases, with an academic focus on the possibilities and limitations of user-centric innovation development ecosystems.

In 2013, Bas became research and teaching assistant for the New Media & Society learning path within the communication sciences department, supervised by prof. Lieven De Marez. This learning path focusses on social sciences research within a rapidly evolving media & ICT environment and methodological innovation within this domain.

His academic interests converged on the crossroads between urban challenges, (urban) living labs, civic technology and smart cities with a PhD project on innovative ICT enabled interaction interfaces in the urban environment. This includes research on online civic engagement, digital citizenship, urban commons, innovation ecosystems and urban social informatics.