Stephanie Van Hove

Researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Stephanie Van Hove


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Children’s and youth’s use of mobile technologies
Citizen participation
Technologies enabling to capture or simulate context, such as virtual reality


Stephanie Van Hove holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Management (Commercial Communication, Artevelde University College, 2011, with honor) and a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences (New Media and Society, Ghent University, 2014, with great honor). In 2015 she worked on an ICON research project called EduTab, which addressed the digitization in education and aims the development and implementation of three tablet applications in secondary education. Hereafter, she joined the living labs researchers team. On the one hand she is taking up the government projects by supporting officials through the innovation process and capturing citizens’ interactions with their innovative digital solutions. On the other she is involved in the ICON project LUNAR, investigating the user experience of a positioning technology in a retail context.

As of September 2017 she will pursue a PhD on capturing the context in Human-Computer Interaction.

Her area of interest lies in the study of children’s and youth’s use of mobile technologies, citizen participation, and technologies enabling to capture or simulate context, such as virtual reality.