MediaTALKS: Gastlezing Jonathan Corpus Ong. 'Architects of Networked Disinformation'

09-03-2018 van 13:00 tot 14:30
Auditorium NBI, Universiteitsstraat 4, 9000 Gent
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Met regelmaat nodigen we onderzoekers uit om inspirerend wetenschappelijk onderzoek te presenteren.

Titel van deze lezeing is 'Architects of Networked Disinformation: Behind the Scenes of Troll Accounts and Fake News Production in the Philippines'


Adopting a production studies approach, this talk explores the work hierarchies and social identities of political operators in the Philippines' digital underground: the "architects of networked disinformation". With unprecedented access to both the elite masterminds and the precarious digital workers authoring fake news and inciting incivilities in the public sphere, this project identifies the diverse moral justifications they express to evade professional accountability and deny political responsibility. Beyond this, the talk is fundamentally concerned with systemic vulnerabilities in the local political system and the creative and media industries that not only entice but incentivize workers to take on "paid troll" projects as sideline jobs while they wear respectable faces in the day as advertising executives or computer programmers. Engaging with the broader debate on mediatized populisms in the global South (Chakravartyy and Roy 2017) and advancing a comprehensive approach to addressing information disorders (Wardle & Derakshan 2017), this talk reflects on the far-reaching implications of digital disinformation production in the global South with disinformation in advanced liberal democracies in the West, and vice versa.