Confronting the Colonial: Even in Critical Studies

(15-02-2018) Together with Maria Eriksson Baaz, Judith Verweijen (CRG) published a post on the blog of the journal Security Dialogue about their latest article.

The article is part of special issue on “Militarism and security: Dialogue, possibilities and limits”.

The blog explains that their article queries into the use and signifying work of the concepts of militarization and securitization in relation to Africa scholarship. We suggest that the ways in which these concepts are applied and not applied risk reproducing familiar colonial imageries that we as critical scholars tend to locate elsewhere. Paradoxically, we argue, this reproduction occurs partly through the very commitment to reveal continued imperialist/neo-colonial relations. As such, our reflections recap earlier debates in postcolonial studies, where some warned that the field risks reproducing Eurocentrism by overstating the power of Europe/‘the West’ as the origin of history and as the all-pervasive force shaping social and political developments elsewhere.

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