"Polisi Siku Kwa Siku" blog series

(15-02-2018) New blog series by Josaphat Musamba, Robert Njangala and Michel Thill (CRG)

Sous-commissariat de KarhaleTogether with Josaphat Musamba and Robert Njangala, CRG researcher Michel Thill published a blog series on the  « Polisi Siku Kwa Siku » research project on the website of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law.

The aim of the pilot project « Polisi Siku Kwa Siku » (Police Day-to-Day) is to offer a better understanding of the daily work of police officers in the city of Bukavu in the eastern DRC. It aspires to be an original study of the PNC (Congolese police force) addressing underresearched aspects of their work, the analysis of which could lead to conclusions not only relevant to the security sector—and its reform—in Bukavu or the DRC, but also in other, similar, contexts across the world. Two questions frame the research: What does the everyday work of street-level police in Bukavu look like? And how can the answers to this question be meaningfully integrated in the programming of police reform?

The different blogposts include:

« Polisi Siku Kwa Siku » Introducing the project and its blog series

Kukufa mu gratuité (to die for nothing): Making a living in Bukavu’s police

Kuishi kama mbwa ama nguruwe (Living like dogs and pigs): A Bukavu policeman’s lot is not a happy one

The police uniform: A source of pride, misery and revenue

All posts have also been published in French by the Rift Valley Institute