Violent Democracy in Bangladesh

(16-02-2018) Bert Suykens (CRG) and Julian Kuttig (CRG) published a post on Political Violence @ A Glance

This blog piece is part of a series of short publications by Ghent University’s Conflict Research Group and Clingendael’s Conflict Research Unit to situate and explore the topic of ‘violent democracies’ in relation to middle-income countries.

The blog situates the role of political violence in Bangladesh in times where the international media headlines predominantly focus on violence in connection with radical Islamism. We question this reductionist emphasis and argue that Islamists only make for a fraction of the pervasive political violence in the country, which is predominantly political-party based. We therefore suggest shifting the attention to the more important interlinkages between democratic party-politics and violence.

With Bangladesh gearing up for general elections at the end of 2018, the coming months will prove crucial. Violence within democracies that are far removed from the fragile bottom billion and with relatively high economic and human development like Bangladesh poses major new challenges to academia and policymakers . Considering the complexity of these violent democracies, we contend that it is time to implement a new research agenda that attempts to firstly, understand the dynamics of violence in democracies like Bangladesh and secondly, develop recommendations and strategies for policy stakeholders.

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