04-02-2022 New book chapter by Jeroen Cuvelier et al.
04-02-2022 New journal article by Maria Martin De Almagro
14-01-2022 New article by Koen Vlassenroot: Crisis responses, opportunity, and public authority during Covid-19's first wave in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan
10-01-2022 New publication by Sheikh Shams Morsalin: Landlessness as the key challenge to climate change adaptation of the rural poor in Bangladesh
26-08-2021 New publication by Christoph Vogel on Ebola in Eastern DRC
24-05-2021 New publication by Hans de Marie Heungoup: Centrafrique - dialogue de sourds entre le gouvernement et l’opposition politique
24-05-2021 New blog post by Christoph Vogel: Colonial frameworks - networks of political and economic order
24-05-2021 New research brief on Ebola responses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
07-05-2021 New publication by Koen Vlassenroot: Strenghtening African-european connections
04-05-2021 New blog post by Sam Kniknie: Why the recent violence in Goma is not simply an ethnic conflict
26-02-2021 Interview with Dolly Kikon by Saumya Pandey
26-02-2021 Interview Le Monde with Christoph Vogel
23-02-2021 New Kivu Security tracker report co-authored by Christoph Vogel
23-02-2021 New vacancy: Post-doc position
04-02-2021 New commentary by Soibam Haripriya: Unlawful law (in Malayalam)
02-02-2021 New blog post by Sylvie Imata & Josaphat Musamba: "Basi Mumbuti ni Mutu ?"
02-02-2021 New book review by Saumya Pandey: Maura Finkelstein's The Archive of Loss
25-01-2021 New Publication by Atique Rahman: Pandemic and Facebook
25-01-2021 Saumya Pandey admitted to the Contributing Editors Program of the SCA
14-01-2021 Violent conflict and ethnicity in the Congo: beyond materialism, primordialism and symbolism
14-01-2021 The Bukavu expo
14-01-2021 Why rangers in the Congo’s Virunga national park are under attack
14-01-2021 Power dynamics with researchers on the ground needs a reset
05-01-2021 The politics of hidden urbanization in the DRC
15-12-2020 New publication by Jeroen Cuvelier: Making Sense of Repressive Actions Against Artisanal Miners in Southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo
14-12-2020 Call for papers: the making of youth in violent conflict