07-03-2019 The Department of Conflict and Development Studies supports the students' call for a Global Climate Strike on the 15th of March
05-03-2019 Silent voices
21-01-2019 CALL FOR PAPERS "Afterlives: Rethinking the politics of loss and demise
21-01-2019 Blogpost by Gillian Mathys and Karen Büscher: The story of Kitchanga
14-01-2019 New publication by Robin Thiers e.a. in "Ecología Política"
09-01-2019 CALL FOR PAPERS “Violent Conflict and Urban Governance”
07-12-2018 Reconsidering migration. Unpacking politics, policies & practices
06-12-2018 Vacancy post-doctoral researcher: the moral politics of violent death in northeast India
13-09-2018 New publication by Jeroen Adam in "Stability: Internation Journal of Security & Development"
19-06-2018 New Modern Asian Studies special issue co-edited by Bert Suykens
30-04-2018 New VPRO radio contribution on large grazers by Esther Marijnen
25-04-2018 New publication on the timber trade in Bodoland, Assam (India)
27-03-2018 New publication on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines
22-03-2018 Call for Participants: Summerschool: Governance at the edge of the state: materiality
21-03-2018 CRG co-organizes “Congo for beginners” lecture series in May and April
21-03-2018 New publication: Briefing on police reform in the DR Congo
17-03-2018 Journal section on "conflict free" and "ethical" mineral supply chain systems
12-03-2018 New publication on patronage networks and cohesion in the Congolese army
02-03-2018 Moviemiento filmfestival: A series of films on resistance
21-02-2018 Political Ecology Train Tour to POLLEN18