Call for videos: Participatory Video Festival 2018

(31-01-2018) This call welcomes submissions for the Participatory Video Festival (Ghent, 8-9 May 2018) co-organized by CRG staff.

The Festival’s aim is to explore the possibilities and value of Participatory Video for social sciences. Participatory Video appeals to many students and researchers, but is not institutionalized (yet) as a ‘conventional’ research method. The Festival’s aim is to push the PV agenda and learn from the most innovative and relevant video-using trends in- and outside academia; in participatory action research, visual ethnography, visual arts, activism, advocacy work and so on.

The festival welcomes finished and unfinished video-materials of both early career as well as established scholars exploring human cultures, economies, politics and histories in their many facets. We welcome all forms and styles of filmmaking, without restriction to theme and length.

Deadline of this call for videos is March 15th 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you to the first edition of the Participatory Video Festival!
Maarten, Tessa & Julie