Reconsidering migration. Unpacking politics, policies & practices

(07-12-2018) DEBATES IN CONFLICT & DEVELOPMENT Reconsidering migration. Unpacking politics, policies & practices Ghent University, Spring 2019



Opening lecture (in Dutch), 20:00-22:00, Paddenhoek 3, Film-Plateau

25/02 Voorbij Fort Europa. Een andere visie op migratie

Prof. Dr. Henk van Houtum (Radboud Universiteit). Aansluitend panelgesprek met migratie-expert Flor Didden (11.11.11.) en Henk van Houtum, onder begeleiding van journalist Pieter Stockmans (MO*). More info

Friday morning lectures, 10:00-11:30, Paddenhoek 1, 3rd Floor (3.1)

1/03: Autochthony as a Nervous Language in Africa and Europe. Migration and the Paradoxes of Belonging.
Prof. Dr. Peter Geschiere (University of Amsterdam)
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8/03: Immobility and crisis: migrants' journeys in Libya
Dr. Marthe Achtnich (University of Oxford)
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29/03: Migrants as political actors? Turkey & diaspora politics
Prof. Dr. Marlies Casier (Ghent University)
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Thursday evening lecture, 20:00-22:00

14/03: EU's external migration policy: shifting responsibilities
Drs. Ruben Wissing (Ghent University), Universiteitstraat 4, Auditorium D
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21/03 Hybrid humanitarian governance and development potential in refugee hosting regions in East Africa
Dr. Bram Jansen (Wageningen University), Paddenhoek 3, Film Plateau
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All lectures are open to all and free of charge. More information:

Joint lecture series by CRG and MENARG of the Department of Conflict and Development Studies of the Ghent University. An Internationalisation@Home activity of Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, with support of 11.11.11. and MO Magazine.