Political Ecology Train Tour to POLLEN18

Join the Political Ecology Train Tour to POLLEN18 (large view)

Join the Political Ecology Train Tour to POLLEN18

(21-02-2018) For all those who do not like to fly, let's get organized and go to POLLEN18 by train!

Feeling ashamed to fly to a political ecology conference?

So do we. That’s why we’re going to the Political Ecology Biannual Conference (POLLEN18) by train!

YES WE CAN go by train to Oslo. And it's going to be fun. 

So join us for the Big Political Ecology Train Tour!



What we offer:

  •  Free (but low-key) accommodation with fellow political ecologists in Brussels & Copenhagen to keep overall costs low
  • The opportunity for try-outs of your POLLEN presentation during the journey
  • Traveller solidarity & food-sharing to counterbalance today’s hypercompetitive academic climate!

We will gather on 17 June in Brussels to do Brussels-Copenhagen on 18 June.

After spending the night in Copenhagen the 18th, we will travel from Copenhagen to Oslo on 19 June. For people in the UK: you can easily come to Brussels with the Eurostar!

If you like to join shoot us (Judith & Esther) an email asap stating:

- Which trajectory you will join us

- Whether you need accommodation in Brussels the 17th and/or in Copenhagen the 18th

Brought to you by Political Ecology Network (POLLEN)-Node Conflict Research Group/Ghent University:



P.s. Due to people likely having diverging travel schedules, and the fact that the journey allows for making many new contacts, we leave it up to everyone to arrange their own way back!