Humanitarian aid and conflict

Food aid in Asmara, Eritrea ©Eric Petitalot
Food aid in Asmara, Eritrea ©Eric Petitalot
Programme coordinator: Bruno de Cordier


With the changing nature of conflict and the increasing importance of humanitarian aid since the 1988-91 period, the humanitarian sector has in many areas become not only a conflict factor but also an economy in its own right. The widening global reach of news and social media and the growing presence of international forces in various conflict and post-conflict areas further add to the complexity of aid.

Through case-based studies, field analysis and in interaction with the aid sector itself, the CRG programme ‘Humanitarian Aid and Conflict’ examines the socio-economic impact and the evolution of aid, the blurring of lines between humanitarian aid and development, the emergence of alternative non-conventional forms of aid (faith-based aid, relief by non-state armed actors, non-OECD donor countries, … ) , the limits of the universality of mainstream humanitarian working methods and principles, and finally, changing security challenges for aid workers.


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