The Cultural Politics of Conflict

The cultural politics of conflict is one of the five main research programmes of the Conflict Research Group.

Programme coordinators: Bert Suykens and Maarten Hendriks

cultural politics imageWhile fieldwork-based conflict studies have made great progress in gaining insights into the political economy of conflict and political violence, they have not always paid sufficient attention to the ways in which imaginaries influence people’s participation in conflict, and the role conflict plays in the formation of political subjectivities.

This research line on the cultural politics of conflict  wants to foreground these dynamics and understand them recursively. The formation of political subjectivities through violence can only be understood when taking into account the moralities, ideologies and cosmologies that motivate and shape violent action. Furthermore, the way ideologies, and political imaginations operate in violent contexts only makes sense if we understand how they help constitute violent  political subjectivities.


Current Projects