Decentralization and pastoral women's participation in Tanzania

This study aims to increase our understanding on decentralization and pastoral women's participation in local governance in Tanzania. Over the past ten years, Tanzania has been implementing local government reform programme carried out in the form of decentralization by devolution. One of the objectives of the reform is to enhance people's participation in governance at the local level. However, despite several reform efforts there is inadequate information regarding pastoral women's participation in local governance. The study will be conducted in Kondoa local authority in Tanzania and will employ a multistage sampling procedure with a sample size of 240 respondents. Data will be collected using questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussions, participant observation and documentary review. Data analysis will be done using qualitative and quantitative methods aided by Statistical Package for social sciences tool. The study will come up with detailed information on how and why pastoral women participate in local governance and, how decentralization works to enhance or outlaw pastoral women's participation in local governance. On the basis of the research findings recommendations will be made.

  • Funded by: BOF (Ghent University) (2009-2013)