Governance4Development (G4D)

This research project aims to facilitate the more effective implementation of a comprehensive approach to development and security issues in the partner countries of the Belgian development cooperation. The central research question is the following: what kind of governance networks are needed to effectively implement a comprehensive approach by the Belgian development cooperation? The project will pay particular attention to, on the one hand, the 3D-LO (Defence, Development, Diplomacy - Law & Order) and ICP (Integrated Country Policy) processes already initiated within the Belgian development cooperation and, on the other hand, the importance of bridging the security-development and humanitarian-development (linked with forced displacement) nexuses. 

  • Funded by: VLIR-UOS / ARES-CDD
  • Contact: Thomas Vervisch
  • Staff involved: Sidney Leclercq (ULB-UCL), Geoffroy Matagne (ULiège) Emmanuel Klimis (Université St.Louis Bruxelles), Jessica Martini (ULB), Thomas Vervisch (UGent).
  • Website: link