Nani Mponyaji

This project studies the impact of the 10th Ebola epidemic in the DR Congo on conflict, healthcare and the political economy. We will study how the Congolese government and its foreign partners are organizing their response, and in particular how the epidemic and the response have reshaped and are being shaped by conflict dynamics at the local level. There is already evidence pointing to significant challenges of accessibility posed by the many armed groups in the region, thus complicating humanitarian operations and the Ebola response efforts. In addition, the historical realities of North Kivu have left a population suspicious of conflict actors, state officials, and humanitarians of profiting from the significant resources deployed against the epidemic, thereby further aggravating endemic violence in this area, and hampering response efforts. 

  • Funded by: European Union (2019-2021)
  • Contact: Christoph Vogel
  • People involved: Jason Stearns, Joshua Walker, Fred Bauma, Nissé Mughendi, Rachel Niehuus, Emmanuel Freudenthal, Luc Malemo, Christoph Vogel (CRG)