Around the Caspian

CASPIAN is a doctoral training to produce the next generation of experts on the Caspian region in order to establish, and make sustainable, a network of excellence. This will be achieved through an integrated PhD programme on the wider Caspian region that boosts the researchers’ theoretical, empirical and administrative skills, which will make them extremely competitive for employment in both academic and non-academic sectors but also confident and knowledgeable enough to start their own projects. The training will enhance the research skills of the fellows involved while also giving them first-hand experience with a partner operating in a different environment, thus learning how to apply their skills to different fields and sectors. We expect our network and training to become a leading voice on issues related to the Caspian region both in academia and other sectors. The project encompasses the introduction of joint PhD programmes in Caspian Studies. A total of 15 PhD students have been admitted to the programme in 6 universities. The 7 non-academic actors will engage the students as interns for enhancing their practical skills and capabilities for working in the non-governmental sector, especially with non-academic research institutions.