Landscapes of Conflict

Landscapes of Conflict is one of the Conflict Research Group's five main research programmes.

Programme coordinator: Esther MarijnenJeroen Adam

The research cluster landscapes of conflict focuses on the conflict dynamics associated with ever-changing human-nature relations in a wide range of different landscapes. Researchers in the cluster work in a large variety of geographical contexts in Central Africa, Southeast Asia and Western Europe. What connects their respective research projects is a deep interest in the interrelations between society and the environment, analysed from a political angle.  

Of particular interest to participants in the cluster are various forms of contestation, and conflictand resolution engendered by processes of dispossession, environmental degradation, and competition over natural resource extraction, amongst other things. The research cluster seeks to analyse both the spatial and the temporal dimensions of environment-related conflicts, paying special attention to how processes of displacement, coloniality and war influence people’s relations to - and interactions with - landscapes. The approach in the cluster is multidisciplinary, drawing on insights from political science, political ecology, rural sociology, cultural ethnography, political geography and anthropology. 



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