State Modernization and Middle Class formation in Azerbaijan

This research project is intended to examine the relationship between state and class formation in the capital city of Azerbaijan in context of modernization and de-Sovietization processes of the country. The last decades of independence, Azerbaijani politics were oriented towards Europeanization and purification of Soviet remains. The oil revenues were oriented on transformation of the country in a mix of European and Dubai model. However, transforming the face of the country brought with it the transformation of its inhabitants. Eventually, to fulfill the new standards, the government started to create a new class by schooling the new elite in a different, occidental way. The elite schools, private schools, followed by fully covered scholarships in top overseas university have the mission to accomplish the government project in creating a new „modern” middle class.

Funded by: Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Horizon 2020

Staff involved: Cristina Boboc (PhD candidate); Bruno De Cordier (supervisor)

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