Resources and conflict

Resources and Conflict is one of the Conflict Research Group's five main research programmes.

Programme coordinator: Jeroen Adam

Banana Plantation, Philippines ©Robin Thiers
Banana Plantation, Philippines ©Robin Thiers
Access to natural resources has always played a pivotal role in any type of conflict. As a result, the connection between natural resource access and violent conflict has spurred multiple debates that have greatly influenced the discipline of conflict studies.

Differing from the research tradition working with statistical correlations rooted in large N-datasets, the approach of the Conflict Research Group is based on ethnographic fieldwork and takes the historical and political-economic context of resource areas into account. 

Questions that have been tackled in past and ongoing research projects include (amongst others): the role of natural resources in financing armed groups; the links between natural resource access and identity formation; how shifts in public authority over natural resources impact the daily livelihoods of civil populations, and how types of displacement and other forms of mobility link to (alternative) resource access strategies.


Current Projects

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