Where we work

The Conflict Research Group (CRG) has extensive field experience in Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa.

When the Conflict Research Group was first launched its research focus was Sub-Sahara Africa, in particular the Great Lakes Region. CRG has built extensive expertise in this area and has become one of the leading centers in understanding conflict dynamics in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. However, this focus was quickly complemented by a growing research agenda in Central Asia and the Caspian, South and Southeast Asia, where we have also developed extensive field research experience. In all areas where we currently work, we have established dedicated research teams, building on CRG's tradition in understanding the micro-dynamics of political violence and civil conflict, but also contributing to area-specific research agendas.


Central Asia and the Caspian

In Central Asia and the Caspian, research focuses on how the region acquired its current cultural and political geography during and upon it integration in the Russian (and partly the Chinese) greater space. Research interests include the impact of globalization, political culture, religion and national identity.

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South Asia

In South Asia, the Conflict Research Group has extensive experience conducting field research on issues of political violence and civil conflict. We have conducted research in Bangladesh, Nepal and India, especially in the country's Maoist areas and the north-eastern states. Research interests in the region include rebel governance, student politics, electoral violence, forest resources, and the politics of development.

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Southeast Asia

Despite its exotic framing as a tourist destination, Southeast Asia is above all a diverse, dynamic region marked by fast socio-economic change and often sharp (violent) political contestation. Multiple countries are faced with the presence of armed secessionist movements, repressive state violence, and fierce debates over the meaning of democracy, human rights and citizenship in the 21st century.

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Sub-Sahara Africa

CRG has world-renowned expertise of Africa’s Great Lakes Region, in particular eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Burundi. In addition, it has conducted research projects in the Central African Republic, Kenya, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia. Most of CRG’s Africa research relates to the dynamics of conflict and violence, public authority and governance, in particular of natural resources and security, and processes of urbanization.

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