South Asia

The Conflict Research Group (CRG) has extensive experience researching political violence and conflict in South Asia.

Bandarban, Chittagong Hill Tracks (Bangladesh) ©Nele Van Doninck
Bandarban, Chittagong Hill Tracks (Bangladesh) ©Nele Van Doninck

CRG has conducted research in Bangladesh, Nepal and India, especially in the country's Maoist areas and the north-eastern states.

While South Asia is predominantly home to (middle income) democracies, civil conflict and political violence have remain prominent. To explain this puzzle, CRG research examines civil war, party-political violence and the violent aspects of post-conflict situations.

As violent conflict is mostly associated with fragile and poor states, one of CRG key research concerns in South Asia is to better understand the role of political violence in middle-income democracies.

Research projects in the region have focused on rebel governance, student politics, electoral violence, forest resources, and the politics of development.



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