Clod Marlan Krister Yambao

Position: PhD FellowClod Yambao w


Academic Interests:

Clod’s research interest can be found in the conjuncture of Humanities and Social Sciences. Broadly, he explores the contemporary (infra)structures, and structuration of the value(s) of political time in the context of postcolonial violence and precarities under neoliberalism. He investigates the structuring processes of these value(s) of political time by looking at the intersections of the ontology of the body, aesthetics and critical theory (with special emphasis on theories of vitality), and creative actions. He studies walking as an organizing tropes  and “practical logics” ( Bourdieu, 1990) to  understand the indigenous peoples  political  struggles,  their relationship with the land, climate change and the environment.

His research project is part of a larger intellectual curiosity and investigation on the aesthetics, ontology of the body  and political ontology of the “other” of political namely, the unspeakable and silenced, the disappearing and invisible, and the still, inactive and inertia.  

He is a research fellow for climate justice and indigenous peoples Energy Collaboratory of Manila Observatory. His personal hobbies include running marathons, biking and aimless distance walking.



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Research project:



  • Ghent University:
    • Politics of Conflict Seminar: The Subject of Violence and the Vitality of the Subject: Regimes, Frontiers and Everyday Life

  • University of the Philippines:
      • Art Studies 213: Aesthetics and Theories in Contemporary Cultures     
      • Art Studies 245: Readings in Aesthetics and Art Theories
      • Art Studies 250: Seminars in Aesthetics and Art Theories
      • Art Studies 200: Research
      • Art Studies 196: Art Historiography
      • Art Studies 194: Readings in Art History
      • Art Studies 193: Gender Issues in the Arts
      • Art Studies 192: Art Criticism
      • Art Studies 191: Non- Western Art Theory and Aesthetics
      • Art Studies 190: Theories of Art