Governance in Conflict Network Workshop: Distressed Environments "Alternative Governance in Environmental Struggles"

30-10-2019 van 09:00 tot 18:00
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Governance in Conflict Network
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During the workshop the GIC network wants to explore themes of conflict and governance from a political ecology perspective. We will particularly focus on ‘distressed environments’, by exploring the question; what are the particularities of environmental issues (climate change, conservation, agrarian change, food sovereignty, etc.) in areas that are characterized by populism, protracted violent conflict, authoritarianism, neoliberalism, or crony capitalism for example. Hence, we approach environmental issues as part of other ongoing political and social struggles, by asking how is nature mobilized, destroyed, protected, or the actual object of these struggles? How do unequal power relations continue to impact environmental struggles? And what are possible pathways to truly decolonize the environment?[1] And what are possible alternative ways to address environmental issues, while supporting broader social and political struggles?