Methods & Ethics Seminar Ghaliya Djelloul (Université Catholique de Louvain)

23-04-2018 van 12:00 tot 13:30
Department of Conflict and Development Studies, Meeting room
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Department of Conflict and Development Studies
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Monday 23/04/18 Ghaliya Djelloul (Université Catholique de Louvain) “Personal and professional lives merging: experiencing the Self beyond the in- or outsider, and allowing a “travelling identity” to break out”

What is at stake when thinking and writing about Africa from its diaspora, its elsewhere? Borrowing this interrogation from A. Mbembe (2013), this presentation aims to reflect on my position as a “midsider”during an ethnography based between Algeria and Europe and conducted in 2014-16, its advantagesfor navigating in a patriarchal and post-conflict environment, and the brain teaser it rises on ethical issues when conducting a research on “my people”. As a “native”, on one hand, I start my research in the “inner” spaces of domestic life, and as an “immigrant”, on the other hand, I hold economic and symbolic resources allowing me to loosen my family’s control over my body’s mobility. During these two years, intense subjective roundtrips finally helped a “travelling identity” to break out, allowing me modulate the “Selves” I embody, whether in a research context or not.

Ghaliya Djelloul is a PhD researcher and teaching assistant at the Université Catholique de Louvain. Her research covers intersections between gender and Islam. In 2013 she published the book “Parcours de féministes musulmanes Belges. De l’engagement dans l’islam aux droits des femmes".