logo-menarg-300.jpgThe MENARG focuses its research on Islam and Islamism (Islamic fundamentalism) in several regions of the world (Arab World, Europe, Sub Sahara Africa), on the problems of liberalization and/or democratisation of the Arab political scene, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the international relations of the region.

Its work is undertaken in co-operation with colleagues and institutes in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

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Conflict Research Group (CRG)

logo-crg-200.jpg The CRG research concentrates on the rise of violence and armed conflicts in the global periphery, focusing both on the links between local and global dimensions of conflict and on the impact of these conflicts on local societies. Within this scope, the CRG hopes to offer a valuable contribution to the theory and practice of conflict resolution and post-war reconstruction.

website: crg.ugent.be

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