Courses incoming exchange students

Course selection 

Ask for your copy of the Faculty Guidelines for Exchange Students before you apply. Write an e-mail to and we will send you the latest version.

This brochure will give you a lot of useful information about the selection of the courses and a course guide is included.

You can select courses from:

  • Exchange Programme in Political and Social Sciences (2020-21 subject to minor changes)
  • Course guide 2020-21 (subject to minor changes - full new course guide 2020-2021 is available from 1st of June)
      • in the Faculty Guidelines for Exchange Students: find out which courses, that are not mentioned in the exchange programme above, made special arrangements for exchange students
  • Exchange students mastering Dutch can select from the whole offer in our faculty if they have the correct starting competences (see approval below):
    Course guide in Dutch 
  • Exchange programmes from all faculties: Programmes for exchange students 2019-2020

Course selection guidelines

  • Make sure that you select courses for a minimum of 20 ECTS per semester, of which at least half of the courses in the field of study of exchange (Communication Sciences, Political Sciences, Sociology, ...)**. A regular workload at Ghent University is 30 ECTS/semester or 60 ECTS/year.
  • Language courses followed at the University Language Centre are supplementary to these 20 ECTS.
  • As a Bachelor student you can include max 2 Master courses in your curriculum if you meet the initial competences/course requirements of the course concerned.
  • It is crucial to read the course specifications and initial competences of each course. See our online study guide: click on a subject of your choice and a pdf-file pops up.
  • Courses from Bachelor of Social Sciences** which are taught in Free University of Brussels (VUB) - so not at UGent - CANNOT be added to your curriculum

**In the study guide - course specifications per course – Offered in the following programmes check in which study discipline the course is taught – f.i. Master in Sociology, Bachelor in Political Sciences, … This can help you to select a course in your field of study. However when mentioned ‘Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences (main subject…) note that most of these courses are excluded from the offer for exchange students.


Learning agreement - curriculum - study programme

The study programme consists of the courses you want to take at Ghent University. 

  1. Fill in the courses you have chosen on the before the mobility learning agreement, sign this document and have it signed by your home university before uploading it in Oasis (exchange-document section)
  2. After 1 June: use the curriculum functionality in the OASIS application to select the courses you want to take directly from the course catalogue of Ghent University. 

Important deadlines 

  • Submitting application with signed learning agreement before the mobility semester 1: 15 May
  • Adding the approved courses in the application system semester 1: 01/06 - 15/08: 
  • Submitting application with signed learning agreement before the mobility and adding courses in application system semester 2: 15 November

Academic coordinators on the learning agreement

Time schedules of the courses

  • Timetables can be found in the latest course guide of UGent (click on schedules on the right side)
  • Your personal schedule can also be found in oasis (after enrollment)
  • Schedules from the different study fields are NOT harmonized with each other and can change at the beginning of the semester. So it is possible you will need to change your courses at the beginning of the semester due to timetable conflicts.

After arrival: course selection, change courses and approval of the lecturer  

For all exchange students of UGent following courses at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

  1. Change your courses if necessary

    • on the Welcome Day you will receive practical information on managing your curriculum 
  2. Approval of each lecturer

At the beginning of the semester after your arrival -  ask for approval for each of the course in your curriculum. 


- fill in the “Approval of lecturer” document for each course

- contact the lecturer (preferably ask him after you attended the first lesson but sending an email is also possible)

- get approval - signed document by lecturer or approval via email

- make a pdf / scan from all your approval documents or approval via email in one document

- upload this scan/pdf with approvals in oasis (in your exchange application - tab documents select 'other' and then make a note mentioning 'approval lecturers)

- More information - see UFORA for incoming exchange students

(3). Learning agreement during the mobility (only necessary if you have added or deleted courses after your arrival)

Go to "exchange-document section) in Oasis and download your during the mobility document. Sign it, have it signed by your home university and upload it in Oasis.

Deadlines learning agreement during the mobility (with approvals of the lecturer) :

  • Semester 1: 20 October
  • Semester 2: 28 February


  • schedules can be found in oasis ( after the start of the semester)


The UGent learning environment with:



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