I would like to know which courses are taught in English, since I do not speak Dutch.
Only few courses are taught in English at our faculty. Most lectures are given in Dutch, the official instruction language. However a lot of the study material is in English and sometimes special study arrangements can be organised for exchange students. Find out more about the courses here.

I want to change my learning agreement.
You can make changes during the first weeks of the semester. Check the deadlines and read more in your copy of the Faculty Guidelines for Exchange Students.
There is no possibility to change your learning agreement after the deadline. 

Where can I find the examination schedule?

You can find the examination schedule in your personal calendar in Oasis.

I have a re-examination, what should I do?
If you failed for an exam, you can take a re-examination during the second examination period at the end of August and the beginning of September.
Schedules of these examinations can be found in Oasis in early July.
Please contact the lecturer for feedback and to make arrangements regarding the re-examinations.