Practical information for prospect exchange students

Incoming exchange at UGent in 2021-22 during Corona

Organisation of the education at UGent in 2021-2022

For information on life at Ghent University during 2020-21  please see Education at Ghent University 

Exchanges in 2020-2021 Semester two

We regret to inform you that Ghent University has decided to cancel all study exchanges for the second semester of the academic year 2020-2021.

The current critical COVID-19 situation has forced Ghent University to take this decision. There are several reasons why study exchanges (both incoming and outgoing) are impossible in the current circumstances. The health situation, travel restrictions, local and national restrictions in daily life and, most important of all, the uncertainty regarding on campus or online educational activities have made it impossible for us to continue exchange programs. This impossibility has been underpinned by the feedback from our current first-semester exchange students about the difficulties they face in coping with this ever-changing reality.
We regret that we have had to make this decision. But these unforeseen circumstances unfortunately have forced us to take unprecedented and difficult choices. We wish you nevertheless a lot of success in your studies.

Introduction - Academic coordinators per study field

We offer three main programmes:

  • Political Science and International Relations (Codes 313 - 0312 ISCED) - Academic coordinator Prof. dr. De Ceuninck
  • Sociology (Codes 312  - 0314 ISCED) - Academic coordinator Prof. dr. Roose
  • Communication Studies, Journalism (Codes 321  - 032 ISCED) - Academic coordinator Prof. dr. Evens

Before you apply

Application for incoming exchange students

Application deadlines for studies (advisable to apply earlier):

1st semester: 15th of May
2nd semester: 15th of November
Exchange in the framework of a PhD: no deadlines
Flexible deadlines for traineeship


  • The UGent exchange application procedure consists of two main steps: first, creating a Ghent University account and registering via the Oasis website and, second, creating an exchange application for the correct academic year of your exchange (tap ‘Curriculum’ and then ‘Exchange’).
  • CORONA - Postponing your exchange stay to semester 2 (Febr- June 2021) is possible. Ask your home institution to send a nomination to and our office will open your exchange application in OASIS (exchange application in draft) so you can make the necessary changes and re-apply for semester 2. Also see the above disclaimer.

Time schedules

Academic Calendar

The academic year is divided into two semesters.

More details and information here.

Arriving at UGent and Welcome Days

We recommend you to arrive in Ghent in time so you can participate in the UGent Welcome Days and the Faculty Welcome moment.

UGent Welcome Days - usually Wednesday and Thursday before the start of the semester

You will receive a UGent information package and a lot of necessary information.

  • Previous edition: Check in and register at the Welcome Village @ Stalhof 6 Gent (1-18/9/20)

Faculty Welcome moment - usually Friday morning before the start of the semester.

  • Previous edition: Programme Friday 18 September 2020 - Online Welcome at the faculty of Political and Social Sciences
Time Programme
9.30  Chat meeting with all incoming exchange students 
of Political and Social Sciences
MS Teams 

Information session for incoming exchange students

•10.05 Welcome Word by Prof. dr. Peter Stevens
•10.10 Presentation faculty and digital facilities by Hilde
•10.20 Courses for exchange students by Griet
•10.40 Presentation Educational Services by Gert
•10.50 Library information by Stijn
•11.00 Practical information and student organisations by Hilde
MS Teams
11.15 - 11.30 Chat meeting - informal Ms Teams


Courses and learning agreement

Exchange for research

  • Usually, exchanges only for master thesis or research are not accepted unless there is a formal agreement with both supervisors in the sending and receiving institution. 
  • In case you think you are eligible for an exchange for research, please forward your research title, work plan, dates of stay, responsible supervisors and curriculum vitae to 

Exchange for Internship via Erasmus Trainee

Usually we don’t offer positions for internships in Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of Ghent University.

But sometimes we consider taking trainees from our partner institutions. If you are interested, send the following information to  

  • name and contact details of your home institution and supervisor or contact person at your home institution
  • your CV mentioning your area of expertise
  • motivation
  • short work description
  • requirements from your home university
  • what kind of documents or reports you would need before, during and afterwards
  • transcript of records

Study @ UGent

Information for new students

Life @ UGent

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