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What is a degree student?

Degree students are students that stay at UGent for the entire study programme and after successful completion, receive a UGent diploma. If you are only here for a limited amount of time and will obtain a diploma from your home university, you are an exchange student.

Study programmes at Political and Social Sciences at UGent

Master of Arts in Global Studies (Erasmus Mundus)

Please note that other Bachelor and Master programmes at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences are taught in Dutch.

Why choose UGent?

UGent is an enterprising university with an international appeal. Our motto is "Dare to think": we encourage students and staff members to adopt a critical approach. During its 200 years of history, UGent has built a firm scientific reputation. The university can present an extensive record of international recognized research work.

Welcome Days

Ghent University organizes welcome days for all new international students. The faculty welcome day is part of the UGent welcome days.

Admission and enrollment at UGent

link: http://www.ugent.be/en/education/degree


Faculty Student Administration