Lies Hens has won the FUTUREproef Award 2021 !

(04-01-2022) With FUTUREproef , Ghent University wants to make Master's theses on sustainability more accessible to the general public or to organizations and people working is this field.

Lies Hens has won the FutureProefAward 2021.

Title Master’s Thesis: Sustainable urban development in social housing. An ethnographic study in the Sint-Bernadette neighbourhood in Ghent.

Supervisors: Griet Roets, Thomas Block and Simon Allemeersch


Focus of the Master Thesis: What happens when a social housing company decides to demolish a social housing neighbourhood to build a 'sustainable garden suburb of the 21st century'? In the case of the Sint-Bernadette neighbourhood, residents revolt. This master's thesis research tries to understand what the demolition announcement triggered in residents and why people revolted in different ways. Sustainability' was central; what does a 'sustainable' 21st century garden neighbourhood mean in the Bernadette district? And who decides?


Lies Hens developed her master's thesis within the Master Thesis Atelier ‘Diversity in Social Housing' of the Stadsacademie, led by Luce Beeckmans (Department of Architecture and Urban Development), Thomas Block (Department of Political Sciences) and Peter Vanden Abeele (Ghent City Architect).

Lies Hens is currently coordinator of the Stadsacademie and connected to the CDO.

All nominated theses can be found on the FUTUREproef website where you can find a short, accessible article about each thesis as well as the theses themselves.

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