Prof. Dr. Ferdi De Ville

Ferdi De Ville

Ferdi De Ville is Associate Professor in European political economy at the Department of Political Science. He hold a PhD in Political Science from Ghent University. His research interests include European and international political economy. In particular, he focuses on European Union Trade Policy, distributive effects of European integration and varieties of capitalism in Europe. 




Research interests

European Union Trade Policy, European integration and the welfare state, varieties of capitalism in Europe


  • Methods in Political Science
  • Winners and Losers of European Integration
  • European Union Trade Policy
  • Master’s Dissertation Seminar EU Studies


Work address: Korte Meer 1, 9000 Ghent
Mailing address:  Universiteitsstraat 8, 9000 Ghent
Tel: +32 9 264 91 94


Ferdi De Ville has a blog on the eurocrisis at Euro Crisis.